De Beere Books ;- ‘A Family Rebel’

Welcome to De Beere Books

Look here again in a few days and you’ll see more about my gripping historical novel ‘A Family Rebel’ A tale of treason, betrayal and redemption in eighteenth century England.

It’s a gutsy tale of a farmer’s attempt to rescue his bastard son from the clutches of a gang of treasonous rebels.

Soon, I’ll show you the first chapter and, if you like it, you can buy more in instalments, or all of the book in one go.

You’ll love it. Oh Yes!

Stanley De Beere.

2 thoughts on “De Beere Books ;- ‘A Family Rebel’”

  1. Stan I love this … excitement and fun is in the air … you’ll be inundated by orders. Congratulations … the first novel to be out there!!! I put my order in now. Bring it on Stanley De Beer … now I’m giggling and thinking ? Chris De Ginoh). L V M is bubbling.

    1. Hi Christine
      As U see title of novel keeps changing!
      De Ginoh? Is that a maiden name or earlier surname or made up? Sounds V exotic.
      We miss you at group. I do hope U’re still writing. Let us know re progress, please.
      S. De Beere

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